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JUST FOR YOU Girls Only Interactive Self-Esteem Zone

CHEER TIPS Cheerleading Cheers and Chants! Voice Make sure each word is loud and clearly spoken. Enunciate! Do not 'sing' the words. Open your mouth wide when you yell. Keep your head and chin up. Keep your back and shoulders straight. Yell from your diaphragm (above the stomach) and abdominal muscles. You should not use or feel any strain in your throat. When done properly, a full and deep sound will be produced. Your voice should not squeak or crack. Inhale deeply and completely. Do not 'puff out' your chest. When the lungs are fully inflated the stomach and abdominal area will expand. Facials Use a mirror to practice. Smile, smile, smile! This is not only an important part of cheers but should be always be done during competitions, games and events. Practice a few different expressions. Use various expressions such as a big smile for cheers, tough look for when your team is behind and determined, pouting for a dance, etc. Tilt your head to emphasize words, motions or expressions. Backward, forward or to the side. Try a backward forward motion to add a positive emphasis.
Golden Rules of Cheerleading *Cheer every game as though it were your last* *When all else fails, let your spirit shine through* *The fans are looking to you, not at you* *Sportsmanship starts and ends with the cheerleader* *It takes years to build your character...and mere seconds to destroy it* *Democracy ends at the coach's door* *Somewhere in the stands is a little girl who wants to be just like you...don't let her down* *The difference between good and great is a little extra practice* *Mom doesn't know where your uniform is because she didn't wear it last* *Ignore stereotypes - - or atleast don't beat someone up over them* *Keep the cheer in cheerleader*
CHEER LINKS MS.PINEAPPLE CHEER PAGE Cheerleading Cheers, Chants, Stunts, Tumbling and Jumps.
AMERICAN CHEERLEADER A magazine devoted to the sport of Cheerleading.
CHEER WIZ A website for cheer tips, photos, information and so much more.
BLACK DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS America's African-American Sweethearts

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