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The West Seven Rams Football and Cheer Program is a volunteer-based organization and depend greatly on the commitment and sacrifice of many volunteers. We do not compensate any of our volunteers, including coaches, board members and team moms, yet they and many others devote a substantial amount of their time and energy to support our youth sports program. Parental involvement is mandatory and critical to our success. In addition to supporting and participating in our fundraising activities, we require that all parent/s volunteer at least four (4) hours of volunteer time and one (1) shift of concession stand duties during the season and 1) major event during this season assisting the organization or contribute $50.00 to WSRYC, to support the program. Although the monetary donation is greatly appreciated, your volunteer time is much more valuable. There are many opportunities and ways to contribute four hours of volunteer time and we have found that most families generously contribute more than the required four hours. Our policy for the concession stand and game day volunteer time will be to schedule you to work a game other than your childs (either prior to or after) so you can fully enjoy your childs game. Please be advised that failure to adhere to the terms of this contract will results in your child not being able to participate in the West Seven Rams Cheerleading and Football program. Each participating family acknowledges that they have read, understand and agree to the terms of this Volunteer Policy and Contract by signing below. You are responsible for signing up for volunteer time and submitting your Volunteer Time Tally Sheets to your childs head coach. Help Wanted
  • Concession
  • Field Maintenance
  • Registration
  • Transportation
  • Equipment Return
  • Team Picnic
  • Attendance
  • Homecoming
  • Banquet
  • Uniforms
  • Sponsorship
  • Committee
  • Secretary
  • Assistants
  • Team Coordinator (Mom or Dad)
  • Events Staff
  • Game Day Maintenance
  • Post Game Day Maintenance
Thank you, parents! Your support and participation is vital to the success of our club!
This group was created for the parents of the 2015 West Seven Rams Cheerleading & Football Team Members. This group is to keep you informed of any meetings, practice cancellations, volunteer schedules and answer any questions you may have. Please allow us at least 24 hours to respond to any questions you may have, if your request is urgent please contact your Parent Liaison or Parent Liaison Director - Tamica Sampson. This is a closed group any new member requesting access must provide the name of their child/children and the team they are currently associated with for verification purposes. All questions regarding access to the group should be directed to Natasha McGigor - Rams Communications Director 313-919-1416. Click to Join!
Your Invited to Join!! The mission of the Booster Club is - The West Seven Rams Booster Club (WSRBC) is a non-profit organization created to promote and support the activities of the West Seven Rams Youth Club. Our Football and Cheer program is run completely, and relies on, volunteers in our community. We are actively seeking members to assist our program. If you are interested in helping please complete our online form on our Booster Club page or contact Natasha McGigor (313) 919-1416 for more information. Visit our Booster Club Page for details and to sign up!

The West Seven Rams Need You................... Do you or someone you know own a business?
Thanks to fundraising, terrific volunteers and corporate and personal sponsors, the Rams are able to keep our registration fees reasonable so that as many families as possible can participate. We invite all local companies to help us give the West Seven Rams Cheerleaders and Football Players another great season in 2014. Please download our Sponsorship form to team up with the Rams. Any amount you give helps and its tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support.

...cheerleading camp....$35; Cheerleading Fees...$100; Accessory Package Fee....$75;Being a West Seven Ram Parent and seeing the smile on your daughters face after placing at the Think Detroit Pal competition...PRICELESS

Football 101 Football Glossary / Football Dictionary (If you didn't know, now you know) Official Football Signals Where you ever lost on what the ref's were calling? Not anymore! Moms Guide To help parents relate and know the essentials and lingo for sports. Nutrition Overview for Youth Athletes Youth Sport Nutrition Guide Advice to Cheer Parents Are you a parent of a cheerleader? Check this advice out. Talking to Your Child Helping your child conquer pre-game jitters and stress 8 Tips for Keeping the Fun in Football Football builds character. But the lessons about self-esteem, teamwork and dedication are lost if one key factor is missing: FUN! Support your Child Tips for reducing your child's stress level Detroit Police Department Kid and Family Resources The Detroit Police Department offers a variety of programs to educate our youth on the role they play in building strength and vitality in themselves and the community. The following is a list of programs:
Detroit Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers Program
(313) 596-2570
The Detroit Police Law Enforcement Explorer program is an educational, career and special interest (non-profit) organization, geared to meet the needs and concerns of high school age young adults. Through structures programming, the Explorers are exposed to the day-to-day operations of the Detroit Police Department, allowing them the opportunity of learning various skills, while exposing them to the field of Law Enforcement. In addition, the Explorer’s participate in local parades, assist with escorting and seating of senior citizens at senior events, feeding the seniors at senior citizen homes, UNCF walk-a-thon, local marathons, telethons, traffic control at Cultural Center events, Metro Detroit Youth Day on Belle Isle, police week activities at each district, and the Law Enforcement Explorer state wide competition.
Junior Police Cadets Corps
(313) 628-0150
The Junior Police Cadets offers community service programs and summer employment opportunities for high school students throughout the city of Detroit. The Detroit Police Department’s Junior Police Cadets, operates the following two Youth Service programs in partnership with (1) The Board of Education, (2) The City of Detroit Workforce Development Department, Workforce Investment Act, and (3) Career Works Inc. In addition, the Junior Police Cadets participates in local parades, assist with escorting at citizen events, feeding the seniors at senior citizen homes, local marathons, Metro Detroit Youth Day on Belle Isle, police week activities at each district as well as career days.
One Girl To Another Mentoring Program
(313) 596-2520
The Girl-to-Girl Mentoring Program is a seven-phrase program, which was created and designed to enhance adolescent girls’ way of thinking and dealing with day-to-day issues. Together with school officials, the program changed the lives of more than 90 adolescent girls. The program’s mission is to provide general support through mentoring and other activities. The program also serves as an advocacy for girls attending school within the Detroit Public Schools system, in hopes of increasing their chances for successful reintegration into their respective communities. The program seeks to raise public awareness, self-respect, responsibility, and decision-making issues that are significant to young girls.
Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program
(313) 596-2520
This program is a nationally recognized Gun Safety Program that is taught to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. It teaches children the following basic safety procedure if they see a gun: “STOP! DON’T TOUCH, LEAVE THE AREA, AND TELL AN ADULT.” The program employs the use of instructional materials including workbooks, an animated video, and the program’s safety mascot, Eddie Eagle. It teaches children what actions to take if they observe a gun in an unsupervised situation.
Conflict Resolution
(313) 596-2520
The program teaches children, teachers, parents, residents and business owner how to find solutions to problems within their communities without conflict.
Child Safety Program
(313) 596-2520
The Child Safety Program is primarily geared to elementary school children. It compromises a number of different child safety concepts. One such concept is to make children aware of the dangers of strangers that might approach them on the streets. It demonstrates techniques of awareness on how to resist becoming a victim of crime. Part of this program includes “Good Touch/Bad Touch,” which teaches proper and improper touching of body parts.
C2Y (Cops Caring For Youth)
(313) 596-2200
The Detroit Police Department and Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), a 101 year old mentoring organization, teamed up to create a wonderful project, Cops Caring For Youth (C2Y). This creative mentoring project matches children from the City of Detroit with off-duty police officers. One segment of the C2Y Program has volunteers/officers pairing off with children whose parents or guardians are incarcerated. Each match requires at least a one-year commitment. All of this is done on the Officer’s own time (off-duty) and demonstrates the commitment that so many of our men and women in blue have for our community. The list of Officers seeing to register grows as the word spreads. C2Y is a fantastic way to help provide a positive road map for children in our city and bridge the proverbial gap between youth and officers with our community.
Teen Jail Prevention Program
This program consists of a series of presentation before groups of at risk teens that provides as honest perspective on criminal behavior and the realities of life in prison. IT'S WORTH IT!! Check out these sites we think you'll find them informative. Learn about saving money, interest, and checks.

TIPS FOR WALKING TO SCHOOL CHILDREN WHO WALK TO SCHOOL Develop a buddy system for walking to an from school. Students should never walk alone. Always walk in groups with at least two or three other students. If possible, parents should walk their children to school. AVOID SHORTCUTS Students never take shortcuts or cut through alleys or across vacant lots. AVOID ABANDONED HOUSES Students should try to avoid walking near abandoned houses. Never enter or play near abandoned houses. BE ALERT Students should report anyone suspicious to school personnel or the police. TURN ON PORCH LIGHTS Parents and neighbors should turn on porch lights and other outdoor lights before dawn and at dusk. BE ON TIME Students should be on time, everyday. SAFE HOUSES Talk to neighbors and local businesses on your child's route to school and ask them if it is okay for your child to stay there in case of an emergency. IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Be sure your children know their home phone number and address, your work and pager number and the number of another trusted adult. Put a cared with this information in their backpack and/or shoe. Make sure each child has change for a phone call or carries a telephone calling card. AFTER SCHOOL PHONE CALL If you work late, have your children call you as soon as they arrive at home after school. If you have any information or content you would like to see on this page please feel free to contact us

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