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Welcome to The West Seven Rams Youth Club

The West Seven Rams a division of the West Seven Youth Club. The Club is a non-profit 501.C.3 that was established in 1966. It was created as an alternate after school program for youth ages 5 -14 who loved the sport of football. In 1991 the tackle football division was founded by Archie Collins along with Antone Day. Season events include eight Football games, three possible Playoff games, Baby-Bowl, Cheer Competition and Championship game held in mid November at Ford Field in downtown Detroit.

Why choose the West Seven Rams?

The Club has a complete youth program which offers new uniforms, quality coaches and new to the club this year Tutoring & Mentoring programs. Participants of the club are invited join us at our Annual Homecoming Dance, Pep Rally, Parade and Awards Banquet. Fueled by our determination to be strong as an organization, and for our youth to continue to demonstrate academic and athletic excellence. The standard for the participants are high, goals remain focused and education is equally emphasized. This combination reflects in our achievements and success as an organization.

West Seven Rams 2019 Cheer Camp Registration
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West Seven Rams Youth Club

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Eagles - Central High School
Titans - Southeastern High School
Tigers - Plymouth Educational
Cowboys - Pershing High School
Broncos - Redford High School
Steelers - Fredrick Douglas High School

Saints - Finney High School
Patriots - Cooley High School
Giants - Denby High School
Cobras - Stein Field
Bengals - Osborn High School
Raiders - Martin Luther King High School

Chargers - Keyworth Stadium
Colts - Joy Middle School**
Jets - Highland Park High School
Panthers - Henry Ford High School
Cougars - Mumford High School
Vikings - Northwestern High School**

Cubs - McCabe Field**
Rams - Renaissance High School
Dragons - West Butzel**
Falcons - Kettering High School**
Warriors - Southwestern High School**

**2008 Ram Opponents





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